Turnkey EPC Solution

# There is no any exaggeration if it would be say that without power/energy no nation can crest & everybody knows results of excess carbon emission in our atmosphere. Solar power plants are among the greenest forms of energy generation as they don't produce carbon emission or noise, construction of Photovoltaic system does not affect the environment.

Renewable Energy (Solar/wind) is only unlimited source of energy which will be evermore for us. In such scenario solar power plant only source of energy which can be establish within time period but if it would be design & erect to put quality into shelve than purpose of such a plant is completely unfounded.

By compound these all factors in proper series PV&G team committed for engineering & construction for Solar PV plants. PV&G team working in this surface since first MW scale PV plant set up in Rajasthan & Ever since till our team providing services to various national & international organizations.

Roof Top Solution

# As we know western Rajasthan (especially Jodhpur-Jaisalmer) region gifted by nature of maximum solar irradiation for counterblast to power crisis. Many commercial and government buildings are now taking advantage of valuable rooftop and ground-level real estate by installing solar panels. An innovative way for your company or commercial building to save money on energy costs and demonstrate environmental responsibility, solar energy can be a viable business investment.

PV&G's team of skilled technicians provides expert installation of solar energy technologies with superior energy capture, operational flexibility and smart grid integration. Further, our management team is continually researching the latest evolution of all renewable energy power electronics (including wind), so that we may provide our clients with the highest quality service and most innovative technical expertise. can be utilize with maximum efficiency. PV&G put remarkable presence with huge chain of solar products as per requirement.

Operation & Maintenance

# The solar PV plants in India are entering a phase of maturity. The total installations will exceed 2 GW by the end of the year, and about half of them would have completed more than 1 year of operations by that time. As the plant becomes older, Operation and Maintenance (O&M) becomes more and more important for improving the performance of the plant

the O&M of solar PV systems exist in the marketplace today, each with different system efficiency and system/component lifespan tradeoffs. At their core, each approach, listed below, attempts to achieve the three key aims of an effective O&M strategy: to reduce costs while improving availability and increasing productivity. As a photovoltaic system integrator with international operations, we combine professional operations management with preventive maintenance to ensure the continuous optimisation of your solar plant's output. We offer a wide range of one-stop shop services which can be selected and combined in accordance with your individual needs.

Solar product Solution

# Solar products: As everybody knows we are facing huge power crisis now in a days , And unit price of energy hikes day by day. At all events of regime solar products playing significant role. Products like solar street light, solar water pump, solar home LED etc very useful intacting in current scenario. They only need to energies them self "sunlight", which is available everywhere.

Rajasthan is well known place for availability of sunlight radiation, where solar products can be utilize with maximum efficiency. PV&G put remarkable presence with huge chain of solar products as per requirement.

Feasibility report

# In any power project location is an important key factor. And when we are talking about renewable energy (Solar & Wind) project than it would be very important that, selected location should be exclusively safe & capable for maximum generation.

PV&G assay these all modules & prepare project theme according government standard. Our analysis play significant role to decide typology of norms in selection of project location. So that maximum generation could be emphatic through